You can change someone’s life. You might even save a life. 

Ask your friends and family to sponsor you in the Hot Chocolate Run. You’ll make so much possible for survivors!​

This week, a survivor of domestic violence will call Safe Passage’s hotline.

We don’t know her name yet. But we know she’ll call, because calls like this come in every week.

Her partner has been abusive for most of their relationship, and she knows he’s not going to stop.

It’s getting more dangerous.

Her son is so scared and anxious. It’s getting worse all the time. 

She knows she has to do something. She has to do something now.

You can help her. Yes, you!


When you start fundraising, you give her and her son safety: a gas card that allows them to flee to our shelter.

You begin her healing process by providing helpful, knowledgeable counselors. 

And above all, you give her HOPE for a better future. 

You give her son counseling – and after just four sessions, she begins to see her son’s fear and anxiety subside.

She feels hopeful for the first time in years.


When you raise $500, you give the JUSTICE that she and her son deserve.​

After she’s been in the shelter for a couple weeks, she’ll talk with our Legal Program Director about fighting for full custody of her son. 

Her son deserves to live full-time with the parent who makes him feel safe – not the one who makes him feel scared. 

You deliver this justice by helping her access the legal representation she’ll need to win.


When you raise $1,000, you step up for lasting CHANGE.

You offer her the resources she’ll need to build a whole new life for herself and her son.

You’ll help her get new housing. She’ll find a new job. Her son will do well in school.

Thanks to you, a whole new life is within reach.


When she and her son have settled into their new life, they finally feel at PEACE.

A year after leaving her abuser, she's connected to a supportive community.  You'll make this possible when you raise $2,500.

She knows she can face new challenges with the strength, skills and resilience
she’s built since coming to Safe Passage.

And you made it possible.

They’re safe and they’ve started to heal.

She's hopeful. Justice is finally within reach.

When you Fundraise for Safe Passage, you make so much possible.

Thank you!